Green Issues

At Rosemundy Cottage we believe in caring for the environment by living in such a way as to minimise our impact upon it.  This is why we participate in the Green Tourism Business Scheme. We were the first Bed & Breakfast in Wiltshire with a silver and then first with a gold award. In 2012 we were just one of eleven in the UK (1 of 6 outside Cornwall) to be shortlisted for the prestigious GoldStar Award.

We are committed to responsible and sustainable working by:

. Monitoring our energy use
. Reducing waste
. Reusing, recycling or composting almost everything.
. Our own chickens enjoy the fruit and vegetable offcuts, giving excellent eggs in return
. Using solar panels for water heating
. Using Solar PV panels for day time electricity
. Insulated Solar Cover and heat pump for swimming pool.
. Cleaning and washing using eco friendly products
. Using low energy light bulbs, solar powered external lights with movement sensors
. Purchasing local, organic and Fairtrade products
. Promoting public transport
. Promoting local and green organisations such as Wiltshire Wildlife

We hope that as a guest here you will help us in our aim to become even greener!  You might like to:
. Leave the car and walk or use local buses
. Hire a bicycle nearby and cycle the towpath
. Use the recycling bins in your room
. Buy some of the excellent local produce to take home, details on our Breakfast menus

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